The top 5%

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, CW

Did I say or imply that I was in the top 5% of people? I did NOT!

This post is about my observations of what’s happening in the human race. I refer broadly to the top 5% of performers. Who am I talking about exactly? Well I cannot say because I’m not looking at individuals themselves. I’m looking at groups of people. Did I refer to special abilities at birth? I did NOT! I am not interested in what people were born with! I’m talking about top performance and performers – howsoever they got into that category.

The groups I’ve contemplated are:

  1. The best sports people – athletes etc.
  2. The most pretty or beautiful or handsome.
  3. The best cognitive performers. [Did I say anything about IQ? I did NOT!]
  4. The best people in defences forces and combat.

.. and did I say the above list is complete? I did not!

Overall these people are hardly ever seen in real life walking down the street, though some of them may be ‘heard’. Yes – the masses see them on TV or other types of media.

Over the last year, I’m thinking, “Why have I not met many of these people?” Did I say ‘many’? Just checking. Yes I did! I met some of them at various events over the last 10 years. Did I say I’ve met some of the most beautiful women in the world? I did NOT! Jeez!!!

Their clarity of thought, their physical characteristics and their discipline are shockingly brilliant. Some of them are tucked away in high-level ‘jobs’, if you can call it that. They are leaders. They set the standards for others. When on occasion I’ve met ‘samples’ of these people, they are remarkably simple and complex at the same time. What the devil do I mean? Their human characteristics are most striking i.e. they are just ordinary people – cut them and they’ll bleed. But when ‘you’ (not meaning you who reads this – and I couldn’t care less who you are) interact with them or see others interacting with them, it’s simply brilliant. They ‘do’ so well what they do – which shouldn’t be a surprise. Nonetheless one is left in awe.

In general other folk are in awe about these people. But there are some other folk who go on about how fortunate the top 5% are – blah blah. ‘Nobody’ talks about the choices and sacrifices they made to get where they got to. ‘It’s all genetic‘ in the minds of simpletons. And it serves simpletons very well to think like that. How? Cuz if God – or whatever – dealt that lot (the top 5%) a special gene, well hey ho – it means that mon simpleton just wasn’t lucky enough. So – it’s the perfect excuse for mediocrity. Innit!

The top 5% of all these so-called special folk actually rule the world. Did I say that governments acknowledge them as leaders of the world? I did not! By indirect means they collectively control the ‘rest’. But as some will say, ‘not necessarily’ or ‘that’s debatable’ or ‘it depends’. The ‘some’ are the idiots among the 90% who need to find¬† reason/excuse for ‘why not’ them. These are the plodders who need to ‘know’ that they were dealt disadvantage at birth and beyond, for their lack of prowess in wha’everrrr. These are the fools who rely on ‘luck’ instead of creating their own opportunities by maximising their talents, or even growing new talents.

Did I say that some people are not born to be beautiful or intelligent? I did not! Well – if one is not born beautiful or intelligent does it mean that ‘one’ cannot find achievement that shines in this world ? I think not!

And finally¬† – did I say I was obsessed with Candice Swanepoel, Usain Bolt or Elon Musk? I did NOT! But rest assured a fool somewhere is bound to pick on that instead of seeing the more important issues. So ‘simple’ are they.

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