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Perceptions of perceptions.

Like huh? Well, one can never be 100% sure what others think of you (i.e. me). People basically don’t tell (by words) all of what they think – for umpteen reasons. So I’ve been asking myself what do others really think of me. I cannot be 100% correct either becauseRead More

I am Superman

Not often am I inspired by goodness in the human condition. Saturday 20th September 2008 was different. I bought the book "The Book of Lies" by Brad Meltzer and came across the site: Book of Lies Soundtrack. Then I came across which then took be to songs by ‘FiveRead More


Friend o’ mine called up yesterday and asked me something about ‘how you manage or deal with grief’. Yeah grief. Well, it’s one of those things you have to laugh about – and we did – in retrospect. I had an initial thought, but did not say much as heRead More


Man, I just got off the phone to some mega-idiot! Trust me there is such a thing. I really wonder why I go on the phone at all to utility companies. Every bloody time I call one of these call-queuing things, my blood pressure goes up! Yesterday I wasted bloodyRead More


Will is the ability to direct and control one’s body and mind. Each of those underlined words is important. Will power is the strength with which one focuses the mind or controls the body. Normally we all have control and direction over some parts of our bodies and minds. ThisRead More

Not driven by logic

You know many of us hold logical thought as something very prized. If something does not hang together logically we’re likely to discredit it, have doubts about it and so on. We like to think that we are logical reasonable people. And in general we avoid people who are confusedRead More


Yesterday something small occupied my mind. But it was something that repeatedly came to mind over the years. I got into my car and drove off as usual. About a minute down the road, I could see a tiny fly in the upper right corner of my windscreen. It wasRead More

Feeling whole again

It’s been something I wanted to write about for some time – the feeling of wholeness. Like sometimes one of your prized objects doesn’t work well and you simply feel ‘not whole’. It could be something simple like a wrist watch. Or it could be your dishwasher. Well in theRead More

The use of ‘one’

Sometimes I get confused using English, once I think too hard about it. Like today 22:00 I began wondering whether the possessive form of ‘one’ had an apostrophe. So I’m thinking, ” Is it ones’”? or “Is it one’s”? In fact I began to wonder how on earth I knewRead More

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