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Email can be a time waster

Within the last 24 hours I received an  email from someone asking for some thing or the other. It caused a waste of my time. How? 1. I had to read it about 4 times in attempting to understand what was being asked. 2. In the end I did notRead More

The McAfee plague!!

For those who don’t know and are not friends with Google, McAfee is company that makes antivirus and firewall related software. As with most things you’ll always find a following of people who will shout how wonderful things are about ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.  And if you say anything negativeRead More

The PerfectDisk Trick

Well, it’s no trick really. Defragging you computers hard drive (aka disk) is as important as sleep is to you. In fact dreaming is analogous to defragging the brain! (that’s why weird stuff seems to pass off as dreams). No one really needs to understand what defragging, is in orderRead More

Getting it wrong and right

This is about lots of things – spending money, getting things done, getting it right and when I’ve gotten them wrong. I’ll focus on some things that I’ve purchased over the years. I’ll start with so-called ‘computers’. It’s a funny term because some people have images in their minds ofRead More

On a roll here – Skype is great.

I like Skype. I dare say I was one of the first people in the world to try Skype ( Now, you reading this might think ‘everybody knows about skpe!’. Well no – not everybody knows about skype. Half of the people I know are clueless about it and aren’tRead More

Why a Google Calendar

I like Google Calendar. The people who invented this really put a lot of thought behind it. It took me about a year to get using it regularly. I now wish I hadn’t taken that long. Here’s how it benefits me: I can store my agenda securely online. I canRead More

Feeling whole again

It’s been something I wanted to write about for some time – the feeling of wholeness. Like sometimes one of your prized objects doesn’t work well and you simply feel ‘not whole’. It could be something simple like a wrist watch. Or it could be your dishwasher. Well in theRead More

What’s with the banner

The banner picture is of one of my favourite places. It was a peaceful time when I was on vacation  in 2005, at an exotic location. I could sit back and look up at the heavens and think about nothing. Yeah nothing. It’s great to think about nothing. I wasRead More

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