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Freedom lost? Martin Luther King–I remember!

Like pearl being trampled by swine – grunting that this was ‘just about America’ – many a crawler on Rocks big and small forget this important day in history. A man spoke,  a man died – for our freedom!! A man spoke the truth. And the truth survives even death!!Read More

Assessing accountability

The definition of accountability is not very sharp, from sources accessible via the internet. I decided to define the concept as I see it. I thought hard about persons in my life who I had considered to be ‘accountable’. I drew up a list of descriptors and then grouped themRead More


Word of the day: ‘tamasic’. I’ve been judged by an intelligent individual (who will remain nameless – and no it’s not a mental patient) as being involved wholly or in part in “tamasic” qualities. This is taken as intended to mean any one or all of the following: I’m aRead More

Hotel Situations

When I say I’m living in a different world and wish to be beamed up, some people think I’m being arrogant. What about if I’m just right!? Look, at these two situations which assaulted me in quick succession this morning. Breakfast – waitress looks at me vacantly and utters somethingRead More

Waste of my life–the early years

I just calculated that approximately 570 hours of my life between the ages of 5 and 11 were spent compulsorily participating in the singing of bhagans in a language I did not know or understand. I was told to believe in God – and that this was the way. Today,Read More

Kindle without Kindle!

To most people Kindle is an A5 sized electronic device (left) that holds ebooks and other e-content. What I have discovered is that most people I’ve met don’t know that you can read Kindle content on computers and mobile phones. In fact Amazon Kindle allows you to install their KindleRead More

What’s a psychiatrist?

Recently I was in the company of a colleague who is a psychiatrist (aka shrink). We were walking into a large supermarket. He’s saying hello to the chap who’s greeting customers. The conversation goes as follows: Chappy: So what if you don’t mind I ask do you do? Shrink: I’mRead More

The weather in England

It has been a bit of a mystery to me, up until a few days ago. I used to wonder why talking about the weather was such an easy icebreaker in England. It suddenly dawned on me – and the answer was pretty simple. Here goes. In England we allRead More

Answering off the point..

It is an amazing phenomenon that makes me wonder how the human race has survived this long – yeah ‘answering off the point’. WTF does that mean? It means like when you ask somebody a simple question you get an answer that does not address your enquiry. Or you askRead More

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