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Captain’s Brief No.1

I just had to get this off before thoughts on Brief No 1 cooled down to much. Introduction to ‘Briefs’. This is the start of a new series from the Cap. I’ve realised that sometimes I come to some new awareness and I don’t necessarily need to write a longRead More

Rip-off at a famous restaurant

Yesterday I went to a famous restaurant in my home town. It wasn’t very expensive – and in any case I chose to afford their prices. So, what’s the fuss this time – you’re probably wondering. That’s one wine glass with wine in it at extreme left (though you seeRead More

The bigger and richer you are

I’ve just come across an interesting situation. When I tell you about it, you may not find it surprising. In fact I don’t find it surprising either. But this is one of those things, where you know it happens without the hard evidence – well, now I have the hardRead More

Getting ahead

Recently I’ve been thinking about how people get ahead i.e. progress with life and careers etc. There are several ways and it’s possible to categorise this in many different ways. If I was doing a lecture on this to impress people, I’d put up some slides and show some fancyRead More

The big con exposed!

This video speaks for itself. Distribute this to as many people as you know. Copy and share this link: http://youtu.be/OkTnCtg_Omk

Friend or fool!

This is not a joke or paradoxically intended to be jokey. This is a summary of reasons why I suffer and sack fools who distribute my private email address. I thought I’d put this together so that I can hyperlink it to those who are let into my inner circleRead More

Managers not MBAs

So enlightening is this video. I was in awe, listening to Mintzberg.

Thought for tomorrow

It is really quite simple – if you don’t manage your time, other people and circumstances will mismanage it for you. It’s not money. It’s not love. It’s not food. It’s not even air! Your most valuable asset – the most valuable asset for all sentient human life is ‘time’.Read More

Assessing Trustworthiness

Yesterday I wrote about ‘Assessing Accountability’. That made me think more about the concept. I included words related to ‘trust’, ‘honesty’ etc. As I’m writing this I’m having vague recollections of persons in my past asserting that they ‘trust [such and such person] implicitly!!’, whilst waving hands around to getRead More

Assessing accountability

The definition of accountability is not very sharp, from sources accessible via the internet. I decided to define the concept as I see it. I thought hard about persons in my life who I had considered to be ‘accountable’. I drew up a list of descriptors and then grouped themRead More

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