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The Cap has been watching – and listening – very carefully to Barcelona… Um.. it’s an alternative Rock group – hardly recognised by many. However, the Cap is a supporter of small bands who are really trying to get ahead. As some may know, the Cap is also Life MemberRead More

Missy Higgins–amazing voice

I’ve only just discovered Missy Higgins a few days ago. I’m unapologetic – cuz I have so much going on and I don’t have the time that others have to be looking and finding out who’s good and great. Anyways, her voice and style are just great. She makes theRead More

Rob Costlow–a rising star!

I’ve never met Rob, but I know of his music and have read some of his bio. I first came across his music on Magnatune a couple years ago. Woods of Chaos – his amazing piano piece came with a computer I had purchased. So I hunted him down onRead More

Beethoven 1 – 9

Another heavenly set of music for you. It’s absolutely lovely if kept at the right volume in the background, or you can crank it up loud. The Cap is a life-member of Magnatune, supporting budding new artists. I hope you enjoy this selection. Kindly replace your wallets, cheque books andRead More

Adina Spire – Bezdin Ensemble

This music is truly inspirational. I’m a life member of Magnatune – supporting and promoting budding new artists, and worthy causes. Kindly replace your wallet, cheque/check book or credit card. Just listen! “Bezdin is an institution in Romania; its purpose is still to give shelter and education to girls whoRead More

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