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Thought for Tomorrow

“BULLSHIT may have gone unnoticed in breaking the light-speed barrier. Howzat? Some assert that ‘thought’ can travel faster than the speed of light.”   —   Captain Walker

The power equation

Power – Control = Chaos + Abuse   [Click thumbnail image above] Power   = force / command / influence / ability to change Control = restraint / proportionality / direction / alignment / focus Chaos   = disorder / destruction / fragmentation / degeneration / recklessness / arbitrariness Abuse   = tortureRead More

I refuse to accept that I’m mad.

This might bring a chuckle to a few, however there is a recurrent theme in my life that I wanted to document. The situation has come up a few times in the last week – where I’m made to feel ‘I mad’. This is how it goes: Person A willRead More

Inefficient thinking

People (in general – and yes there are numerous exceptions) know how to use household appliances, iron their clothes, make a sandwich etc – nothing surprising there. Some might know how to use a computer, fix a car, or a bicycle. Others may know how to build computers, programme computers,Read More

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