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I’m pretty good at mimicking stupidity!

Because I study stupidity so much, I’ve become a pass master at mimicking stupidity. Well it’s been good. How? Some people actually have come to believe that I’m either terribly stupid or demented to some degree. I have evidence. Oh yes – but that doesn’t mean that everybody gets to see it. Why? Jeez – … Read more

Coffee mania

No – this is not about mania caused by coffee. You spotted some words and something jumped into your conscious mind, driven by the Labyrinth of your unconscious! This post is about the cost of coffee. In a previous post I am so cheap, I made some calculations based on price of a cup at … Read more

The Labyrinth of the Mind: A Journey into the Fascinating World of the Unconscious

Some will be going, “What’s this? What’s he on about this time?!” Tough – this is not a 30 second read for those in a majority, whose minds have been addled by the likes of X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram. Dog to bathe? Clothes to put in the washing machine? You go there and stay … Read more

Beaten up again!

I really don’t understand. It’s so unfair. I tried to learn and thought I did learn what was important to doctors on a certain forum. Then I’m beaten up for the understanding I was led to. Oh well it’s the rough and tumble of forums, I must understand and try to accept – like on … Read more

Scotty – why am I still here!

No – you don’t need to know all the details. I became concerned that maybe – just maybe it was possible for someone else to be me. So, I had to double check and think about it. The following is from a forum where I sought an opinion (not advice).
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