What’s with the banner

by Captain Walker

Categories: Technology

A peaceful placeThe banner picture is of one of my favourite places. It was a peaceful time when I was on vacation  in 2005, at an exotic location. I could sit back and look up at the heavens and think about nothing.

Yeah nothing. It’s great to think about nothing. I was on a small atoll in the South Indian Ocean. There was such serenity. And after thinking about ‘nothing’ for quite some time, I began to think about something. I was lying on a beach on another atoll, looking up at the blue sky. Around me was a pale green clear water gently washing up to my ears. What came to me? The thought: "What is it about?" Yup. Just like that. You know like ‘What is all this about?’. My existence? My existence in relation to the world.

In a few days I would return to my usual world – a maddening pace, surrounded by technology and smiley people trying to be helpful or unhelpful, all eking out an existence, doing somebody else’s job to gain enough money to maintain ownership of their possessions. I’d join them in the monumental rat race created by my political masters. So, no I’m not free.

Oh well. It’s good to be let out of the cage for a few moments. One day…one day ..I’ll find freedom. Real freedom. 

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