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On a roll here – Skype is great.

I like Skype. I dare say I was one of the first people in the world to try Skype (

Now, you reading this might think ‘everybody knows about skpe!’. Well no – not everybody knows about skype. Half of the people I know are clueless about it and aren’t even inclined to try it.

Skype gives me the following benefits:

  1. It lives on my cellphone (aka mobile phone) – that allows me to call and chat with anyone in any part of the world. What’s so great about that? Well I do it for free (well I mean included in my cellphone subscription). Not everybody likes ‘free’ – so I’m cool with that.
  2. Skype lives on my computer. And? Well – I have a skype in number that looks like any old number so select people can call that number and get through to me while I’m at my computer. And? Well they can then talk to me like if I’m on a phone. And? And I can be in any where on earth!!
  3. Skype then affords me a skype to go number that I can use from any other real phone to make international calls (at cost, at skype competitive rates).
  4. From my laptop computer I can use Skype to make unlimited calls directly to landline numbers anywhere in the UK for £2.24 (subject to a 3p connection charge). Well this is actually very good because I make less than 50 landline calls per month from my home phone. So I don’t need to pay the likes of BT or Virgin Media something like £7/month for unlimited calls.
  5. Really good sound quality.
  6. Conference calls – that can hook up people on landlines and those on skype.
  7. Video conferencing.

Well I know I’m sounding like I’m a walking talking advert. Thing is that I’m not selling anything, and I ain’t making any money from sharing this information. So you’re under no pressure at all to look at skype. If you’re technophobic don’t bother to try it – see a shrink.

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