Why a Google Calendar

I like Google Calendar. The people who invented this really put a lot of thought behind it. It took me about a year to get using it regularly. I now wish I hadn’t taken that long.

Here’s how it benefits me:

  1. I can store my agenda securely online.
  2. I can have several agendas, some that I keep private and those that I want to show the public.
  3. I can access it from my cellphone (mobile phone) which has Internet access.
  4. I can set up to 5 reminders for each event.
  5. The reminders can be days in advance or down to 10 minutes before events.
  6. Reminders come as SMS, email and popup’s (the later when I enter my Google Cal).
  7. For important events I can stagger reminders over weeks down to minutes. That keeps me alert not to lose track of things.
  8. I don’t need to keep my agenda on a computer.
  9. I can track UK holidays easily by importing a shared calendar from someone else, without any risk to my other agenda items.
  10. I can share my calendar with others and they with mine.
  11. If I want, I can sync my desktop calendars with my Google Cal. So changing either one reflects changes in the other.

I’m not recommending Google Cal to you. I’m just shouting about it because, I find it makes my life so much easier. If you happen to want to share an easier life, then try it.

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