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Wrongly accused

Amazingly (about 20:00 2008-09-07), I’m contacted by email, by a colleague I had not seen or heard from for 28 years. In the first two emails. I’m told that I’ve abused some child in some forum, by cussing the child. Naturally when you get this kind of thing you think to yourself “What the heck!

Eventually I track down the link to a forum. I read it carefully looking for where I’ve abused anyone by cussing them. No I can’t see it – or else I’m blind.

The forum is about me confronting some idiot on a nonsensical attempt to pin blame on me for something. I put the idiot right in stern but factual language, backed up by evidence and reasoning. I’ll remind any reader now that in my profile I’ve stated that I enjoy punishing idiots. I really do. It’s just my thing – and I really don’t care (me being ignorant perhaps) of who thinks anything bad about that. Look, I’m not talking about people who don’t know something. I’m talking about utter idiots. People who are on the brink of wilful stupidity. No I’m not taking about the dyslexic or the mentally retarded. And I’m not talking about people who are children!

When you punish idiots, especially in a pubic space, you run the risk of at least two things:

  1. Someone else coming along, doing a quick read and forming a conclusion that you’ve been harsh or abusive.
    1. The result could be that you muddy your own name.
    2. you do not attract many friends/ acquaintances.
  2. That people will be scared shitless about what they say to you, for fear of being considered an idiot and being so punished.
    1. People avoid you – is the effect.

You know I’m cool with all of this. I’m in no popularity or unpopularity contest. I just want to be me. Being me gives me great satisfaction. Punishing fools is not an illegal act. The most I might ‘suffer’ is a greater degree of social isolation – which is hardly any suffering. I’m at peace with myself which is of far greater importance than the avoidance of social isolation.

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