What happens when it is better than free

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

Well tonight I had an interesting experience. I go into the local supermarket around 20:45. There’s a worker in uniform at the entrance offering me free bread. It comes with a coupon that I use at the cashier to get it for FREE.

So I say thank you very much and with some glee take the bread and coupon. I get to the cashier (or check-out, or whatever you call it – goddamit). So like I check my bill after paying, as I always do. I discover that I actually got the bread at better than FREE!!

How’s that you’re thinking? Right – well the computer scanned it in at 10p – and I get 25p credit with the coupon. So – that means they paid me 15p for taking the bread!!

A few seconds later I’m walking out of the supermarket and I spot the same worker flogging two other pieces of bread to two youths, who are looking indecisive. So I show them my bill and say “They paid me 15p to take the bread…it’s a good deal you can’t lose”. To which they respond by looking at me as if I’m a nutter. Well, I couldn’t care a monkey’s as they in England – I like being paid to take away good stuff.

Yup – It’s a good loaf of granary bread! No tricks. No catches. Tastes good.

Now you want to know what supermarket is this. Well – no other than a Wal-mart store. Yup – that’ll be ASDA – my favourite supermarket.

Really – I love the place. All the workers there are sooooh polite – I mean like sometimes I’m pinching myself and thinking ‘Is this England…is this England?’. I go to ASDA regularly for meals, shopping, or just for a jaunt – and really I couldn’t care less about who thinks that I haven’t got better things to do with my time. I like good service and I’ve always got it from ASDA. I leave their shop, nearly always thinking to myself ‘I’ve got a good deal’.

Well today I got a small but much better deal than I expected!

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