Judge jailed for telling a lie.

by Captain Walker

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This is an amazing story! STOP EVERYTHING: Don’t go to the toilet..don’t walk that dog…don’t go to the grocery…don’t phone that friend!

This is a tragic tale of how a judge of international repute ends up in jail – for attempting to tell a little fib.

"Marcus Einfeld, the judge in question, was certainly of high enough degree – none higher. Queens Counsel since 1977, Australian Living Treasure 1997, United Nations Peace Award 2002, the list goes on. He retired a few years ago but has continually been brought back to judge important cases about refugees because the Australian legal system can’t do without his experience and prestige."

Now he’s doing time (2 years) in the slammer!

Click this now: The little white lie that grew

For those who wish to listen the podcast is here.

But he is defiant – stating that he wasn’t dishonest that he just made a mistake.

See: Australian Telegraph 2009-03-23 And see: The Sydney Morning Herald 2009-03-28 where he asks for cell door to be left open, a psychologist and a masseuse!

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