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I refuse to accept that I’m mad.

This might bring a chuckle to a few, however there is a recurrent theme in my life that I wanted to document. The situation has come up a few times in the last week – where I’m made to feel ‘I mad’. This is how it goes:

  1. Person A will say ‘X is the case’.
  2. I will record very carefully – write down verbatim what they say – because I have audiographic memory for long enough to do so (only takes a few seconds really)
  3. I’ll show Person A that ‘X is not the case’ either because there is no tangible evidence, or because they reasoning is entirely wrong against any basic standard. When I say basic, I mean a thing cannot be the same and it’s opposite at the same time e.g. one cannot be dead and alive at the same time (in the normal course of everyday events).
  4. Person A will then assert that:
    1. They never said ‘X was the case’.
    2. They didn’t mean it like ‘that’ i.e. the way I took it.
  5. Person A will then introduce new conditions that weren’t present or declared in the original proposition – so as to bolster their own position that ‘X was the case’.
  6. I would point out what they did – in excruciating detail.
  7. Person A may take offence of some kind, and in least-case scenario will not show it or try to cover it. In worse case scenario they would use foul language so as to attempt to bully me out of what they actually said. It never works.

In another set of scenarios I’m dealing with in the background the following is happening:

  1. They ask for “X”
  2. I say the extent of “X” is unreasonable – and list why with evidence and reasoning – the main issue is potential loss of earnings.
  3. They respond by indicating that it’s something to do with me not booking holidays.
  4. Clearly it isn’t, because the issue is potential loss of earnings if I make myself available  to them, over a certain period and therefore lose opportunity of work. How on earth holidays could have anything to do with the matter me escapes me – and of course this means I’m ‘mad’ – if I don’t understand stupid logic!?
  5. So I respond with detailed questions and set the context very clear – so that an average 10 year old can understand.
  6. They respond after several weeks delay with the same references to holiday – totally oblivious to my detailed questions – I mean as if I didn’t even ask, even though the questions are quite clearly visible in the email thread.

You might think that the above is the result of a bunch of fools down on a god-forsaken Rock. Actually the responses come from lawyers in very high powered organisation in this country – people who are paid shitloads of money to be of a certain exceptional calibre (one might expect).

Some may be thinking, “Why does he persist?”. The answer is that I am not certain. Sometimes I think that I’m on a journey – one of discovery, perhaps. I don’t know exactly why I’m on it or where it leads, but there is something in my soul that will not allow me to rest. At times I tend to loathe being part of this race – the human race. They are so monumentally stupid – and I seem to bear physical and other resemblance to them. However, I’m so different. I’ve often said that I’m from another world – and at times I wishfully wonder if my journey is meant to get me back ‘home’. How did I become lost here – will probably unfold at some point in the future. When others try to insult me that “You’re from another planet!!” – I actually agree with them. Mad I am not!

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