Month: September 2011


Every time it’s different

An interesting conversation and perspective on love.

Thought for Tomorrow

“BULLSHIT may have gone unnoticed in breaking the light-speed barrier. Howzat? Some assert that ‘thought’ can travel faster than the speed of light.”   —   Captain Walker

Scientist may eat shorts on TV!

Over the last week there has been excitement in the media about the speed of light barrier being broken by speeding neutrinos. This in essence means that the laws of physics as written/discovered by Einstein may have to be re-written. A neutrino is a very tiny particle with a veryRead More

The power equation

Power – Control = Chaos + Abuse   [Click thumbnail image above] Power   = force / command / influence / ability to change Control = restraint / proportionality / direction / alignment / focus Chaos   = disorder / destruction / fragmentation / degeneration / recklessness / arbitrariness Abuse   = tortureRead More

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