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The Robobasket effect.

I had mentioned this application some time ago. I’ve now got the hang of it after some experimentation and I share the tricks here. You can use this application to sort all your files. Picasa will not do this stuff. However, Picasa becomes easier and more efficient to use after sorting the Robobasket way.

Robobasket is easy to configure. The commonest place I have files to sort is from my camera. I always want to know that my pics are sorted into folders by Year, Month, Day. I don’t want to do that manually – that would be crazy. Below is the Robobasket effect that I love. After configuration, with one click of Robobasket my camera pics are sorted into 2011>10>05.2011_10_Robobasket_004

In the screenshot below I’ve created two rules to transfer pics and video from my SGS (phone) folder E:DCIMCamera to my hard drive. In the screenshot that follows I show how those rules are set up, and how you might do it.

This below may look complicated to some. It isn’t. Actually it is as easy as dragging and dropping things with a mouse and then, clicking on a ‘tags’ button. And the best part is that you don’t need to understand anything about how it works. So doing this is very mechanical. I’ve configured it to rename my files with ‘underscores’ in certain places. You need not do this. It will do the job perfectly without the rename action.2011_10_Robobasket_002

Clicking on the little folder icon takes you where you want to plant the files on your hard drive.

2011_10_Robobasket_003Robobasket can be automated for scheduled sorting of things on any drive. It can do that by your command, with or without your notice.2011_10_Robobasket_001

I was so impressed with the trial version of Robobasket, that I purchased a full licence. I hope you find this application as useful as I’ve found it.

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