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Doxiphemia, to Introduce Myself

I have always enjoyed accents and the sound of different words and languages. I have a habit of unconsciously repeating words I like to myself to enjoy their taste and feel and to fix the sounds in my memory .

Perhaps it’s as a result of this that occasionally a word or whole phrases in a foreign language will come to mind and I will have no idea where I heard them before or even what they mean.

They come in dreams and in everyday moments in real life. A fawn leapt over a chasm in a dream and mid leap looked straight at me and said, “Ich bin eine Frage”.

And yesterday, I thought to myself how much I like the sound of¬†modern Greek and the word “doxyphemia” came to me.

I had to look it up and couldn’t find a meaning. “doxy” means thought, opinion, perhaps even teacher and “phemia” means language or speech.

So because I believe it’s important to honour these messages and to encourage further messages I will take it as my name for this blog. If it has a meaning in Greek, I’d very much like to know.

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