by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

I was walking with a friend by the sea. As we walked we were talking about how important it was to identify things one really wanted to do in life and to set about achieving them. I told her how much I loved helicopters and wanted to ride in one and while I had come close to getting it organised it a couple of times, something had stopped me going each time at the last minute. Not enough people, trip cancelled due to weather, that sort of thing

This is hard even for me to believe, and I was there, but at that exact moment as we walked onto a large open green space, the Channel 9 TV news helicopter landed straight in front of us. I was so excited at that moment, I thought it was for me and ran towards it- I would have climbed on board if I hadn’t been sworn at and told to keep away. It was an extraordinary moment.

I must get that helicopter ride organised soon.

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