It isn’t funny or cute

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

There is a video floating around on Facebook and Youtube that has caused me serious annoyance.


The first thing that 99.9% of you will go is “Awww.. how cute.. that kid surely loves her dad.. how nice”. I responded to it quite sternly on Facebook – and you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the comment was removed. I’m such a kill joy –and you know it.

The video and the responses to it on Facebook, demonstrate how stupid and uneducated most human beings are. Why?

  1. Factually, a toddler of between 18months and 2 years does not know what ‘love’ is – as you know it.
  2. A toddler of that age – as is the one in the crib  will experience attachment.
  3. The toddler in question is in an apparent state of distress due to separation anxiety.
  4. The close physical attachment to the foolish in the crib is not love. It is re-attachment and calming of the anxiety.
  5. It is obvious from the eye movements of the adult, and the background music, that the whole clip was designed to entertain.

You may not like me for saying it – but I’ll say it anyway. It is people who fall squarely into the following categories – the

  1. limited in intellect (not even in education)
  2. wanna-be-seen-to-be-happy-and-jolly-for-a-laugh
  3. lacking in parental skills
  4. immature

Well it wasn’t entertaining because I saw:

  1. A child in distress and separation anxiety.
  2. A parent or guardian attempting to gain some sense of popularity from the production of the clip.
  3. A parent mismanaging the situation and feeling proud about it.
  4. And a bunch of stupid people cheering on in their lack of understanding – driven by the usual ‘oh lighten up’ crap that infects the herd. (No – there weren’t people cheering in the clip – to the idiot who decides to take issue with that).

There are hidden risks in video material on YouTube and Facebook. This one above may not have struck you as the most dangerous – and I’m not saying it is dangerous. And that’s the start of it. People take these things – misinterpret them because the mob sees it as funny. A new norm is forged – where it should not be. That norm is forged from misunderstanding and misinformation dressed up in a way for us to have a laugh. In this way our society is slowly but surely eroded in an imperceptible way. There are none so blind as those who will not see.  Points scorers, have a go!

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