by Captain Walker

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Balkanwood? Like Bollywood nuh. Well – as some may have figured, the Cap is not one to be limited by original culture, race, mentality or whateverrrrrr….

I am as unapologetic in exploring new cultures, as I am of new ideas. But for those who know me personally, this apparent ‘flexibility’ and ‘adventurousness’ is well managed by a deep and strong set of values and principles. Enuff psychoanalysis. Take in these lovely videos. There is much talent in the Balkans. I’m also exploring Russian pop and rock – but that’s for another day.

 Whilst some will see only sexual gyrations – the Cap sees beauty, talent and adventurousness. You see what you want to see. And for those with that burning question in the back of their minds – no, I’ve not had sexual fantasy or arousal about any of these very attractive young ladies! And I heard you think “liar!”. Some may have momentarily forgotten that I’m from another planet – and another time.

I apologise to meh paleets, the Jumbie, for any psychological trauma caused – yuh know, him having to glimpse these ‘boney yard-fowl’ types that he so hates. The problem, he may discover, is that fatties with all the ‘flesh and curves’ don’t usually make it into these types of vids! Po’ fella. Smile LMAO.

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