Exploiting the ‘dummy’ market

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

DummyThe ‘dummy market’ is about exploiting people who don’t know, don’t think and don’t explore options – for whatever reasons. They find life is too complicated, too short, and everything is too much effort. They want it now and they don’t want to think too much about it. They’re unable to or don’t want to cope with minor degrees of discomfort. They don’t have much money but they’re willing to pay a bit extra – or maybe not even know they’re paying extra – to have it sorted for them. Oh yes, there are also many rich dummies. Rich or poor, they’re driven by a narcissistic desire to be seen with the latest and the best – to be with the ‘in crowd’. And boy they follow crowds and personal recommendations from friends rather easily. I’m pretty sure you identify this category of persons quite quickly.

You may realise from this article that you fall into the category of dummy – as considered by big industry. You may discover that you’ve been had. And you may console yourself that you’re willing to pay for your stupidity. That’s fine – and big business agrees with you. In fact you’re the most cherished kind of customer!! They love you! They’ll protect you and care for you. They’ll fight for you. After all, undisclosed big parts of their profits are ‘thanks to you’.

You need a few examples. Well I can’t name any products because big business will certainly come down on me for threatening their profits and good name. But I can allude to certain devices and deals that millions have been caught by. Think about it – what is it that’s in high demand and hundreds of millions around the world have or want? Easy – it’s called ‘MOBILE PHONES’. In other parts of the world outside of the UK they’re called ‘CELL PHONES’.

dummy phoneHow does the dummy assess whether a new advertised mobile phone is good? Well basically they don’t – or do the most minimal of assessment; limited of course by all the things that comprise the ‘dummy-syndrome’. Does the average Joe know about processing speed, browser functionality, internet connections or speed, voice recognition, screen clarity etc etc? If you know all or most about that you’re not in the dummy market. But yes, there are millions of people – usually of the very balding or grey haired variety – or very young with thick locks of hair, who just don’t know and couldn’t care. They want a phone that’s fashionable, that’ll make their friends go “oooooh..that’s nice.. that’s the latest – isn’t it?” – and which will bring a proud smile to the owner’s face. And that is your typical dummy.

Oh – and make no mistake they’re happy to confess their dumminess. In fact some wear the T-shirt with ‘Dummy’ written on it. And their friends all slap their backs and support their dumminess. Dummies are very very popular.

The next area where dummies are caught is in the booming ‘tablet’ market. In essence the manufacturers sell you a dream i.e. a device that will do your bidding. You swipe that finger across the screen and things happen!!! Woooo.. windows pop up, video plays, word processing happens – and all your friends and work colleagues also go “woooo…oooh..” with punctuated loud gasps. They make you feel all so clever, hip and like a progressive dynamic person that you want to be seen as. That’s the dream. But below the surface of all that, being the dummies that they are, they don’t know how to upgrade the operating system, will never use more than about 20% of the things full potential – and they’ll never know it’s full potential. They don’t care how fast the ‘tablet’ market is growing, or its development – and they don’t even care that their purchase will be worth nothing in 6 months. In other words they’ve been had and they don’t know it – but they continue to strut around months thereafter in state of sustained blissful ignorance. They’ve parted with around £300 or $USD 300. Never mind –  the chaps who run the manufacturing companies are happy too. They’ve probably just returned from a cracking holiday in the Seychelles – networked over pinacoladas from deck chairs – and they thought of the dummy, well not individually but the class of dummies who made their company all the profits.

Well – I hope some get the picture. I could go on about devices that read electronic books, cook your rice, and massage your back(side). The same sort of story as above applies. Happy dummying! I’m with the guys who sell the stuff! (Covertly – I should add). LOL.

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