Timeleft–follow up.

I’ve been so impressed with TIMELEFT3, that I’ve purchased four licences for the full version!! Auction addicts on Ebay can also benefit from this big time. This thing will watch your fav auctions like a hawk!! LOL.

Timeleft3 may look complicated to some, but I assure you that it is very very easy. Look at it this way.. if it takes you an hour to learn, how much headache and time that could save you over the next year? Think of all the stress it’ll save. Once you set up your reminder events you can confidently forget about them. Use your brain for other useful things instead of checking and worrying!! Trust me – this is worth 10 times the cost of the software (for me). It doesn’t replace Google Cal, Task Lists or Outlook etc.. this is another tool in your toolbox to get on with life. DO IT NOW! Thank me later! And yes – I’m nearly always right!

2012_01_14_timeleft4.jpgAll these options are clickable and easily selected. I’ve set this up to show maximum nag/nudge capabilities of this tiny but very useful software.

For things that you might easily forget this doesn’t let you off the hook, in a very nice way.


But sometimes when you remind yourself of an event, you need to know what it is about instantly.

So when I ‘enable actions’ I get this window that allows me to select the last relevant file.

When the alert goes off not only an notification is on my screen but the last relevant file as well.

2012_01_14_timeleft6.jpgThis nag is for my car’s MOT (an annual health check required by law). If you drive without this it is a criminal offence. So I can never afford to miss this event due in 26th May.

I’ve used the ‘multiple rule’ on this one i.e. I get reminders ‘annually’ and ‘weekly’ from March.

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