Is there a thing called IgQ?

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

I think it is stupid to pay for an email address when there are free high quality email services out there e.g. gmail, yahoo, gmx – but as I’ve said before the ‘dummy market’ is still wide open and waiting to be taken advantage of.

Okay so you wanna know what’s motivated me to write this. Right – I just noticed that a professional colleague with a presumed IQ of >120 was paying for email. And now you’re thinking “Well that’s their business.. they’re probably filthy rich.. why don’t you mind your own business?!!” Well it is my business, because I’m looking to take advantage of this dummy market! And last year some time another of my professional colleagues of a similar range of intelligence was found to be paying a reputable company a substantial sum of money just for email – which now begs the question, ‘What does IQ have to to do with accessing cost effective email solutions?’ Or could that be taken wider to ask, ‘What does IQ have to do with a cost-effective solutions in general?’ Maybe it’s not about IQ.

In the last 10 years or so, I’ve been coming to an idea that there is an independent thing called an Ignorance Quotient – coined by me as IgQ!! I’m thinking it is something that has not been investigated or evaluated. In the course of my work I’ve come across some very intelligent people who have done some pretty silly things. No – I can’t give examples – but trust me, what they’ve done had gotten them in to serious trouble – and it wasn’t for lack of intelligence that they did what they did. Actually, it is because of their intelligence, that they got into trouble. But one might expect that intelligence would evaluate risk and say ‘Nope – don’t do it.. that’s trouble.. it is too risky?’ – and maybe it did. However, it seemed that something else compelled them to press on. Well, it’s easy to say ‘Greed!’ or ‘Lust!’. That’s really quite simple. But these people all say the same sort of thing, “I know it was a stupid thing to do.. and I don’t know what got into me….”

Something overrides that which intelligence should protect against. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps some day it will be researched – and ruled out or ruled in. My gut feeling is that IgQ exists. Right – so you’re wondering why is any of this important? Well – if you were going to invest trillions in sending a team of people say to Mars, you’d want to know that if there was a thing called IgQ, that it was very very low indeed among those to be chosen.

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