Dummies soon to shed tears!!

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

galaxy-s-iii-bgrYep – this is the news for those caught out by the Dummy Market! You, not knowing yourselves will be in tears if/when you see the Samsung Galaxy S3!!

I’m punching the air about this. In my write up of the comparison of S2 vs Iphone4 in August 2011, I had concluded that S1 was actually my preferred purchase over S2 giving five reasons. S2 was good but not that good. Many who bought S2 complained about its deficient power management.

Well, a quadcore on a phone (aka HCD aka micro-tablet) is gonna be fantastic. However, I’m not gonna rush out and purchase the S3 soon after its launch. I wanna hear what’s the news with it’s power management and battery life.

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