Month: March 2012


Data protection bullshit!!!

For this post, I’ll be judged as arrogant, stubborn, grandiose, grudging non-eligibility for knighthood etc… spare me the adjectives – I know them all and I use a thesaurus regularly. Get this – I’m called by an automotive insurance company representative, at a pre-arranged time, a few moments ago. TheyRead More

Opportunistic citizenship–part 1

The two words come together on Google but the concept has not been defined as I do here. And – there is as yet no single set of words that will define completely ‘opportunistic citizenship’ [OC]. I’ll give a thumbnail sketch of what OC may involve – but it isRead More

When you need a favour

There is an unwritten agreement between whatever you call ‘friends’, that if you need a favour: that your friends will pay attention to your need assist in whatever way they can for no fee. will do the above willingly, and without need of you begging about it. – subject ofRead More


I’m not sure if people truly understand what ‘psychoanalyse’ means. In fact I doubt most people truly grasp what the concept is about. Why? In about 90% of instances, when people ask me what I do and I say ‘shrink’ – they respond with some comment that includes the wordRead More

The effort of thought

It’s no secret that I’ve been working on an analysis of how minds decide things and take their respective paths. Well, I can tell you right now that reading this will be painful for some. I mean let’s get real, who the hell has any time or effort to thinkRead More

Hotel Situations

When I say I’m living in a different world and wish to be beamed up, some people think I’m being arrogant. What about if I’m just right!? Look, at these two situations which assaulted me in quick succession this morning. Breakfast – waitress looks at me vacantly and utters somethingRead More

When you’re right

I must thank my colleagues on Facebook and other electronic forums for stimulating me to put together the list below. I was also driven to think and write by responses to ‘Of riots in banana republics’ on Facebook. Over the last year or so, I’ve been observing how people comeRead More

Situation on a bus. My bad.

Yesterday I got on to bus in my local town to get to the train station. Nothing spectacular about that you may think – and rightly so. After all people are doing this a zillion times a day – innit?   I do this short journey of about ten minutes,Read More

Thought for tomorrow

“How do you lose friends and infuriate people? Simple – undress the truth down to its bare bones!” Captain Walker – March 2011

When is the whole truth not to be told?

“…compassion is more important than the truth.. if I told him it would be devastating to him.” – Jackie Mason in Desert Island Disks on Radio 4 in interview with Kirsty Young (at the 17:25 min mark in the podcast but the context of the statement was most important). ItRead More

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