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I may soon be arrested!!

As if to predict what would happen on Fraggle Rock, the Cap had pondered the issue of Riots as recently on 10th March 2012 in: Of Riots in banana republics. Then, lo and behold, riots break out on the Rock on 13th March 2012 as reported in the T&T Guardian and, Newsday. According to Rock-logic, I am the person who caused the riots or protest – whatever terminology you relish. How could a man be so vociferous about a thing (at the time a small riot) and then bram – it happens big style. I’ll sleep lightly tonight expecting a duncey to knock on my door – poor chap would have been sent 5,500 miles across the Atlantic to arrest me!! LOL.

Of course, rock crawlers and huggers will aim to play with words by asserting that a ‘protest’ is not a ‘riot’ – which is actually pseudo-pedantic bull! They should all be given the opportunity of pulling that on a judge – I would be in stitches! PMSL!!! Why? Cuz you can say WTF you want, the authority of the judge is final (at least for the moment when the decision is made). I just love it.

See that fire in the photo above? This is what Rockians would call ‘protest’. “Different locations along the Moruga Main Road, Mandingo, Samuel Cooper, and Lengua roads were blocked with burning debris.” – according to Newsday.

Of course, Rockians will most probably not have seen these words “In this Act, the expressions “affray”, “unlawful assembly”, “rout” and “riot” have the same meanings as they had according to the law in force in England on 30th August 1962.” And if they came across these words they may  be expect to sulk, “Whuh we have tuh do wid Englan’?.. Englan’ eh ruling we no more!!!” But you can’t expect Rockians to know the law or to understand that not knowing the law is not an excuse for breaking it [as a legal fact]. I would bet hard cash that none of the people involved in the so-called protest could recite one line of the Riot Act. It makes no difference – all ah dem ass should be locked up.

I’m so unworthy, I’m also likely to be extradited! Apparently, after arrest and being dragged back to the Rock, I’ll then be extradited!! LMAO!! Go figure.

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