Hotel Situations

When I say I’m living in a different world and wish to be beamed up, some people think I’m being arrogant. What about if I’m just right!? Look, at these two situations which assaulted me in quick succession this morning.

Breakfast – waitress looks at me vacantly and utters something barely understandable. So I respond “toast.. one slice.. butter please”. She looks even more vacant. I add “..and could I have coffee please. Thanks.” She returns with two slices of toast and no butter. Three minutes later I discover that I have tea instead of coffee. I politely raise and issue, and request that I have the full english. Now another waitress looking like someone from some part of Asia, speaking English apologises for previous waitress’s lack of linguistic competence.

Printing – I go to get a pay for a page that I printed. It’s 20p which is bad enough for one page but that’s covered by our expenses. So, I put a pound coin on the table. Then I see female ‘attendant’ (all in nice uniform etc) searching around. So I’m thinking, “What’s she looking for?” Then she finds a calculator. Taps numbers on it and goes, “Thank you sir, that’s 80p change” [and hands me the change]. If you’re English speaking you’ll argue for the underdog that she suddenly had a worry about her monthly rent and her calculations had nothing to do with my 20p from a pound.

I’m to blame surely for all the above – simply because I report it. I should be more sympathetic, you frown at me.

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