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Word of the day: ‘tamasic’.

I’ve been judged by an intelligent individual (who will remain nameless – and no it’s not a mental patient) as being involved wholly or in part in “tamasic” qualities. This is taken as intended to mean any one or all of the following: I’m a lazy irresponsible cheat, who is malicious, insensitive, criticising, fault-finding, frustrating, aimless in my living, lacking in logical thinking or planning, and I make excuses for all the above and more. It also means I overeat, oversleep and consume alcohol and drugs. Reference – Wikipedia.

The above judgement, is founded on no appraisal of facts or evidence taken in proper context, that is shared with me or discussed with me [read that again]. That’s called fair – by the way – cuz it’s such a busy world. No marks for me, for my criticism of things that are referenced and reasoned on hard evidence. In fact to be not-tamasic, one should not criticise period! šŸ˜‰ [Got it?]

I’m meant to admit that if the above is ‘factually’ and ‘contextually’ true about enduring aspects of y mcharacter [note the words carefully chosen], then I’m totally insightless and will probably remain that way for quite sometime. That I’m willing to put this here – will then be taken to mean (one or more of the following):

  1. there must be an element of truth in it (why else would you be bothered to go on about it?), never mind if that truth of the word tamasic applies to large numbers of people including possibly you who reads this.
  2. The sum total of the description is 100% the truth – and I’m actually mortally wounded
  3. that I’m defensively or defiantly putting it here in a lame attempt to pretend I’m not mortally wounded.
  4. that I’m pretending that I’m not pretending to be mortally wounded

Those who clutch ‘tamasic feelings’ towards me that are so far undisclosed, will collectively punch the air!! And those who are commanded by unconscious religious brainwashing to judge others in this way, will join in – no doubt. Today is your day too! Enjoy.

On the grounds that s/he who asserts is burdened to prove/reason with real evidence (a tall ‘untamasic’ order, I should add) – I will not be attempting to prove that I’m not ‘tamasic’. It’s like being accused of sexual infidelity. How do you prove you’ve shagged no one?!!! People are entitled to their opinions and perceptions – which they justify in their heads. And they may justify their opinions based on cursory reading of comments on Facebook!!! One thing they don’t know – is what they don’t know. Self-justified opinions have one important quality i.e. they are ‘tamasic’ in nature.

It’s interesting that it’s such fast-paced world – with people rushing around so madly – few have time to know a person for real. Instead if they spot a few comments on FB, a few emails, or some blog – they make judgements – which they know are right. Of course everybody ā€“ except me – is entitled to judge other people. Iā€™m not sure why such an inequality exists. Thankfully my circle ‘self-selects’ and ‘self-deselects’ those types.

I have never said I was a perfect being – however, my imperfections do not disqualify me from making statements that are lawful, reasoned and evidence-based – whilst remaining open to new opinion and evidence.

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