by Captain Walker

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2012_04_06_TT_express_cover_chaosAs many will know The Cap has so far escaped arrest and extradition, for his ‘tamasic’ writings in relation to Rock-crawlers causing riots. Diehard rock-crawlers intolerant of all things critical of Rock-modus-operandi, had asserted that people have a right to protest if they are frustrated. Enter ‘Chaos’ – the ‘new’ redefinition of Riot!

Undeterred, the Cap continues to relentlessly assault the cultural attitudes of these people. They believe their actions are justified on cultural grounds. They believe they have no options – but the reality is that they have not explored all available options. Furthermore, they do not unite to find more appropriate options. All round they create excuses for their typical ‘third world’ conduct.

Why is it my mission to do all this? Because I think people are unable to see their own attitudes unless they are emotionally aroused to reflect. My writings are therefore only for those who fall in to the category of ‘contemplators’. Those who are ‘precontemplators’, I expect will switch off and avoid my content like the plague – and of course hurl their abuse.

No chance! The Cap will continue to severely criticise, attitudes of the captioned kind wherever they exist. It is those who mindlessly share in and support such attitudes, who should shut up and learn. Unfortunately for them, they will adopt the ‘ostrich’ or ‘giraffe’ positions.

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