Day: 10 April 2012


Situation at a parking meter machine

Everyday situations bring some fascination about the human condition. I’ve done my shopping and return to a multi-storey car park. There is small bay where you go – on foot – to pay for the time that your car spent parked. There are two machines. One large, the other smallRead More

Two great addons for Gmail users.

Say you want to set up for an email to be sent at a certain time, in the future, but you don’t want the hassle of having to remember or do this manually. Say you’re a control freak or a pretend one and you really need to know when yourRead More

When they come for you…

I am disheartened and deeply disappointed to learn of the deplorable circumstances surrounding the removal of Cheryl Miller from her workplace, to St. Ann’s Hospital for psychiatric treatment. My reasoning and inferences herein are based purely on information reported in the media. I have no direct access to the factsRead More

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