Dummies to suffer even more

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

galaxy-s-iii-bgr_thumbAs the 3rd May 2012 approaches, there is a greater chance that a whole load of dummies are gonna be ripped off here in Britain. What’s so special about 3rd May, you may be wondering and scratching your head.

Well, Samsung having rocketed to pole position as world leader in mobile phone sales (beating back Nokia and Apple), are set to release their flagship Galaxy S3 quadcore phone!! The excitement for many is unbearable.  So what’s the rip-off?

Well you can stop scratching the head now. The Galaxy S3 that will be out some time in early May 2012, will have the Exynos 4 quadcore, a 32nm chip that will enable full 1080p HD streaming. But.. but.. Samsung has already developed a more powerful Exynos chip called the Exynos 5 dual core!! [Did you spot the words ‘dual core’?] Note carefully that the Exynos 5 chip with it’s 2.0 GHz a dual core Cortex-A15 processor, is said to be about twice as fast as the Exynos 4 chip with it’s 1.5GHz Cortex-A9. Exynos 5 is built to deliver 3D video!!

And if the above isn’t enough, Samsung already have an Exynos 5 quad core on the way!! Yeah – the big brother of Exynos 5 dual core!! Chryssst!!!

So – what’s gonna happen? Well a bunch of dummies are gonna rush out and upgrade their phones to Galaxy S3, because they don’t use a thing called Google – to scan the horizon for what’s happening. Now if you’re reading this and thinking, “But I don’t need 3D video performance.. and I only use my phone for calls and basic applications!!” – this is actually diagnostic of you being exactly the kind of ‘dummy’ that the big technology companies are relying on for most of their sales. You’d prefer to be stuck with a phone that will be outmoded probably 6 months after it’s launch for the better part of a 2-year contract – if you’re a dummy. In other words you’d like to know that your purchase is outmoded and it’s value depreciated by 50% at least within a few months.

samsung-note-frontYes – maybe you don’t like being called a dummy, but you are! You will get that S3 phone! I’m telling you. Logic will not operate to restrain the urge to rush out and buy it. Or the kind of logic that will operate is like, “What’s so great about a 0.5GHz more? Do I really need all that?” – which misses the point due to lack of knowledge that processing power is not strictly tied to the GHz thing. But you can’t stop a dummy – and that’s not my mission!!

Those who know they will be guided by logic are now wondering where will the Exynos 5 be used? Well, it’s easy to predict really. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a true ‘micro-tablet’ and it is actually a different kind of ‘thing’. So I’m predicting that roughly 6 months  after the Galaxy S3 is launched, you may well see a Galaxy Note 2.

I’ll be holding on to my money and my current Samsung Galaxy S1 until I see something with the Exynos 5. No – I don’t watch 3D movies. The rest of you can speed off and upgrade to Galaxy S3.

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