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Online Backup for WordPress

2012_04_29_backup_techBacking up of data on a computer is one thing but backing up of a website such as this one and it’s database is another. Websites do crash and even with the best security are vulnerable to attacks from hackers or to host server failures. Whilst these events are extremely rare, the consequences can be catastrophic i.e. total loss of a whole site and it’s contents.

I’m something of a backup addict, I must confess. All my home computer files are backed up about 5 times over in various ways (already written about on this site).

Now to back up this site I’ve come across a system run by WordPress Backup Technology. I like it because backups can be encrypted with a password (I keep) to AES256 encryption protocol and kept on their storage space. I can also create and download backups of the whole site whenever I want, or schedule them – and that’s not dependent on their storage space.

All this is free of charge – and I’m not interested in why that’s the case. Those who have attacks of paranoia will preoccupy themselves with such issues – not knowing that the modern economy of the internet is about providing lots of stuff free of charge for low-end users such as me. Paranoics will of course have missed that I keep the password to the encrypted files.. and will wonder “But do you really know it’s encrypted? And how do you know there isn’t a backdoor?”  Oooohh.. I’m so amazed by the workings of the human mind. As I’ve said before in other places we are primitive animals fearful and anxious caught in very different world.

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