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I’m briefly addressing something that’s happening in the minds of others – that hasn’t been communicated to me. How do I know it’s happening? Ahhh.. human nature and the failure of logic predicts what they’ll be thinking.

You see people use their own experiences as yardsticks to estimate the world. They make inferences based on what they know of themselves and others. So – when I put myself in their shoes I can simulate what they would think with their limited knowledge.

Take for example the time it takes me to trot out stuff for this blog. In the minds of others it takes hours and hours. Why would they think that? Easy – I know that most people cannot touch type at >80 wpm and I can do 100 wpm. Most people do not use speech recognition to generate text – and I do so at a rate of approx 160 wpm.

People are inclined to think that taking screenshots and putting it all together takes ages. It does not! A screenshot takes 1 second. To pull it into this blog takes another 3 seconds using Windows Live Writer.

The other thing that most people are unable to do is to link mind to finger tips. Look, I’m not boasting about this, but there is a very clear straight connection between my brain and my finger tips. The words spit out at my fingertips as words would from your lips. No – stop! That’s not a gift. It’s taken thousands of hours over the last 15 years to develop. One of the good aspects of that connection is that you often think that I’m speaking to you. It makes the reading of these blogs easier.

Yes there are some articles that will take more time and those I’m often working on over several weeks minutes at a time, or sometimes hours at a time. I enjoy writing – as much as some people enjoy fishing, golfing, watching TV or reading books. In the minds of people those activities are more fashionable than spending time writing blogs or reading about technology on the net. Yes – I do read books, but not as most people read. I have most of my books read to me. How? Audible books – simple.

Take building computers. Most people think you have to be some kind of geek to know how to build a computer. You don’t.  It is so simple to build a computer – really. But if you don’t know that, you naturally assume that it’s  a difficult thing to do.

I’ll close on what can be assumed. The human mind can be assumed to be a difficult thing to explore. Why? It tends to disobey ‘rules’, you can’t pin it down, and you cannot normally access evidence of what it’s thinking. Think about it all.

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