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Upgrading to Android 4.04 on Samsung Galaxy S1

This guide assumes that your phone has been previously upgraded to Froyo and can go into clockwork mod recovery mode.  Read and digest all information at – and note that you take all risks, and cannot sue anyone because no liability is accepted. This is not for those who cannot concentrate, innovate and carry out instructions.

Review and obtain files needed that are linked below. Transfer all these files to your internal sdcard on SGS1 using USB cable connection.

  1. Check if phone can go into recovery mode first, via step 14 below – if not search the net to find a way to make this happen.
  2. If you can do step 14 (or using power button) keep phone in recovery mode and follow the instructions.
  3. Wipe cache
  4. Wipe data and factory reset
  5. Go into ‘advanced’ and wipe dalvik cache.
  6. Go back to main menu in recovery mode and enter ‘mounts and storage’
  7. Then do format system.
  8. Go back to main menu
  9. Then do ‘install zip from SD card’
  10. Then install zip from sdcard selecting:
  11. Reboot the phone. Phone will go into boot-loop. Do not panic.
  12. Take out battery from phone.
  13. Put back back battery in phone.
  14. Press ‘up’, ‘home’ and ‘power’ buttons in that order and keep all buttons held down – until bootup logo shows, then release buttons.
  15. Select ‘install zip from sdcard’ in recovery mode menu, then select:
  16. Once that’s finished, the go ‘install zip from sdcard’ and select
  17. Once that’s completed installing, reboot the phone.
  18. Go into recovery mode after phone is fully rebooted, by pressing the power button on right side of phone, select ‘recovery mode’ and go into recovery.
  19. Go ‘install zip from sdcard’ select and install.
  20. Go back to ‘install zip from sdcard’ select and install that.
  21. Then restart phone and that’s complete.
  22. Open semaphore app, select under ‘kernel features’ netfilter, deep idle and deep idle statistics. Then back out.
  23. Settings > ASS > battery > (and tweak to suit)
  24. Settings > ASS > General UI > LCD density (to tweak accordingly).
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