A stupid situation with emails–or rather people.

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

This is brutal – as you might have come to expect. This is the situation.

  1. You send an email to someone.
  2. You double check that it’s left your email box and it shows as ‘sent’ in your sent box.
  3. You wait on a response.
  4. There is no response or acknowledgement after several days, which is a reasonable timescale to wait.
  5. You cannot normally know if your email has:
  1. Gone astray
  2. Been spammed
  3. Not read
    [The word above is ‘normally’!! Read! Observe. Use a dictionary. Use Google]
  • You check your spammed mail and you ensure that a response from the other has not been spammed.
  • The other person calls you up after the several days and asserts that they did email you a response, and inquires why you haven’t responded. So you explain the above.

What’s the story with this? Well it’s so bledy simple but it demonstrates how stupid human beings can be in general. Stupid? Yes!! A message sent – is not a fact that the message was received by the intended recipient, to the mind of the sender – until the sender has received actual knowledge  that the message was received.

The above seems to require ‘hyper-intelligence’ which exceeds the capacity of many fools I deal with. Huh? Yes – the fools think that because they receive the message on their computers, I will somehow know that they have received it – perhaps by telepathy or some shit.

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