Quasi-logic .. painful

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

I’ve been watching a phenomenon over the last year, which I refer to as quasi-logic. I don’t know what other word is more appropriate. So I just decided to pic the closest in my imagination.

It’s a very painful thing to report on. I’ll try to explain but words in text minus expletives are weak instruments of communication.

It’s like this:

  1. People don’t know WTF they are talking about yet they want to reason about something.
  2. The something is so intricate and complex – but they won’t know that – yet they wish to ask some sort of stupid question, or make some sort of assertion.
  3. Their lack of knowledge stinks – but they won’t know that.
  4. Then they’d argue that ‘I’m just a lay person’ – to which I scream expletives in my mind. Like why the hell don’t they go and read the basics first instead of opening up and spouting utter shyte!!?
  5. Shyte spouters seem to feel that they are entitled on the grounds of being lay people, or on grounds of ignorance, to think inefficiently and share their ignorance.
  6. The logical errors made by these kinds of people are so immense – and they won’t know that. Why? Because they are blind at the outset – and thereafter.

No stop!! I don’t have time to correct these people. I could spend my whole life correcting and guiding people and get myself nowhere. It’s not my job.  My prime duty is to myself.

I’m shifting my personal policy a gear or two up. People who know not that they know not and are not interested in appraising themselves of issues before opening their traps will be avoided. They are a drain on my resources and the time I have left.

Those who wish to walk the path of knowledge with me, will have two options: shape up, or be left behind.

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