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Disturbed!!! The Lost Children

The Cap is still rather ‘disturbed’ as you will see.. and ‘Disturbed’ no doubt adds to the levels of ‘disturbance’. I’ve been moved by Disturbed’s lastest compilation album ‘ The Lost Children’.

Fear not, before you reach to your ‘Freudian’ textbooks to assist you in your amateur psychoanalysis of my person, know that your System 1 modus of operation will prevent most of you from ever discerning the messages hidden in ‘heavy metal’!

You’re expected to think, “I just don’t like heavy metal.. it’s never been my thing…I’m not that sort of person… and it’s something to do with the devil… so sod off!!” Oh well, some folk are simply programmed by their social and familial upbringings to appreciate certain things and they cannot escape this programming. Furthermore they are happy to be programmed and unable to be ‘unplugged’.

For those who can see past the apparently confused imagery and noise, you may get to Draiman’s exposure of meaning, when he says, Hell is about a relationship with someone who keeps coming in and out of your life, and every time they come back they f— up your whole world. ‘Decadence‘ is about how difficult it is to live a decadent lifestyle, the effect it has on you and what it does to your soul. They’re different … but they’re both really pissed off." [Ref 1]

I like Disturbed, because they upset the normal order of things – they provide a tool for those who wish to till the psychological ‘soil’. And hey, you don’t have to till no soil!! Got it! You just have to breathe in and out – that’s all. I mean, you can just continue to do all that you do – all that you have been moulded and programmed to do. I ain’t got a problem with you. It’s just that I think those who are content to remain largely ‘programmed’ are an insult to the concept of ‘sentient life’. Yep – I’m terribly ‘disturbed’. See – and I can read your mind!! LOL. I know what you’ll think before you think it! Great fun – for me that is.

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