Having to spell things out

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

There are some people in this world who seem to think that unless they are told, they won’t know, couldn’t have known or ought not to have known. So you have to tell them every bledy thing i.e. turn left, turn right, shut up, speak up, don’t say this, say that, this is not appropriate, the other is appropriate etc.  They lack initiative..they are plodders.. gyrating fragments of geological strata gathering no bryophytic portion – easily distracted by words like these – and easy to miss the bigger picture.

When the are corrected on certain issues they give some standard kinds of responses such as (NB the words ‘such as’):

  1. You’re right. I don’t know why I couldn’t see it before.
  2. It makes sense.. I stand corrected.
  3. I’m so sorry…(blah..blah..blah).
  4. I thought…. (this, that or the other).
  5. I don’t see the point.. you’re difficult and like to split hairs.
  6. You’re pedantic. .. fuck off.. that’s why you have no friends.

I only have that much time today, so I’m not gathering a larger sample of such statements. Trust me there are at least 100 similar lines.

In essence the common theme is that they – the people behind such statements – demonstrate little or no self-awareness or awareness of boundaries. They lack context, frame of reference, and will then aim to claim some kind of mental disability – or some other ‘thing’ that excuses them – or find a way to blame me or somebody else. Whatever they do, they think they are honest – and therefore deserve to be forgiven.

There is a thing called ‘scatter-brainedness’. It doesn’t go down well with me. You know the amazing thing is that some who read this blog will ask themselves, “Is he referring to me?”. If you thought that much, I’m telling you now, it is you I’m talking about. You epitomise the syndrome above – and now that you’ve been slapped in the face, you then think, “I hope he’s not referring to me.. he can fuck right off!!

Ooooh.. now you feel so insulted. You feel I should not ‘tar’ so many people and make them feel guilty, anxious, or blamed in one go.

Tip: Preoccupy yourself less with yourself. And now you’re really over-motivated to seek clarification, about whether it’s you I’m referring to. But that is just part of the syndrome of needing to be ‘told’.

Look up at the guillotine. I’ve stopped correcting people as I used to.

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