Of paranoia, lethargy and reality

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

It’s an amazing age of the internet; the greatest time to be alive and to make one’s presence known – but.. but..these are dangerous times!! If you get your image or personal details out there on the internet, bad things will happen to you. People will find you, harass you, stalk you, send you stuff you don’t want, visit you and threaten your life and privacy, attempt to have sexual liaisons with you… you get the drift? No – well you must be terribly naive.

Well besides my sarcasm about that there is some reality to that. There are a bunch of pretty strange people out there who don’t understand that a person can have public face and a private face, and are incapable of appreciating the boundaries.

Yes – I too don’t like all the junk mail, that comes by email and paper form. However, I use simple strategies to cope. I use a thing called Google to advise me how to deal with all this. I follow the strategies and I get on. My home is protected by an advanced security system – and countermeasures – should anyone be so stupid to attempt to enter illegally. Everything is insured, precious documents are in a fireproof safe and all data on my computers are backed up 5 times over include a double off-site back up.

Oh but you see, average Joe Blogs or Jane Blogs (just to be PC), does not know how to make themselves secure. They live in constant fear of baddies – or some underlying psychological discomfort that cripples them from enjoying the world. As I’ve said before in different ways, ‘We are primitive timid animals living in a time that is too advanced for us’. And we live primitively unable to use a cognitive apparatus to get on and cope, and we’re happy to blame various institutions for our handicaps.

‘Hmmm?’.. you wonder. Where is all this going? What’s triggered this? Yep – again people are out there trying to psychoanalyse me. Well I hope you fall off your armchair and break sumik! I’m cruel, am I not? I know – no need to confirm.

It’s simple – over the last two years or so, I’ve been looking up on Google, people who I knew from 20 years ago. I can see that they are probably still alive. But get this, I can’t find images on the internet for over 90% of these people. Hello!!! Yes – I happen to know that people are entitled to live as private lives as they wish. STFU – cuz I don’t need any schooling on elementary bull like that. Look, in the natural course of working life you may expect that an image of these people might filter onto the internet. But no – it ain’t happening.

What it also means is that 90-odd percent of people who I knew, were far dimmer than me, and unable to make their appearance known on the net.  But of course, it’s not merely about how dim one is – it’s about how stubborn, non-adaptive, isolated, insular, narrow, paranoid, lethargic, stubborn, and fearful people are. I’m sure I’ve upset a whole bunch of folk now –yuh know, me tarring a whole load of people with very wide brush. Well, look at it this way, I don’t seek friends – at least not in the sense that others consider friendships – so I ain’t got anything to lose. You can’t lose what you ain’t got – can you? LOL. ‘Is that something to be laughing about?’ – somebody just thought. I think it is.

I’m merely curious about folk I knew 20 years ago. It’s not that I want to re-kindle friendships with them. You see this and many other posts are driven by my fascination about the human condition. The humans don’t like to see themselves as imperfect – and they don’t like anybody else pointing out their imperfections. That’s a no no, cuz it is largely interpreted as a position of arrogance even if what is said is factual.  So, I’ve decided that my curiosity will not be satisfied and I ought to stop searching. Now some fool is about to counsel me and ‘hope’ that it all turns out better – blah blah blah.. Chrysst!! I’m about to be insulted by a ‘show of empathy’. Why can’t humans do a ‘show of reality’? Whoops, I momentarily forgot that ‘reality’ is a very hard place for the humans. They just like their fantasies.

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