Like back to the 80s

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

The Gaslight Anthem does it! I must say this is so reminiscent of another time when punk rock was fashionable. I’m so delighted that the greatest era in music is back. Yep –  amma snapping fingers and bopping all over my floor. LOL.

They’ve really worked on their act and this album. I’m just getting into all of it. See: About. And it’s paid off. This collection really sounds refreshingly different to anything around in Rock or Punk Rock these days. It’s a hauntingly original late 70’s to 80’s sound.

Well done Gaslight – and I’ll be obsessed with all this for the next few weeks. I’ll probably be the object of attention when my car is at a standstill at traffic lights – yuh know, me doing air-drummer etc. LOL. Hey – gotta watch out for the Cops….I can’t appear to be distracted by as little as an attractive bottom! Chrysst!!

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