George Gamow–not forgotten

by Captain Walker

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I just bought George Gamow’s book ‘One, Two, Three Infinity.’ I had been toying with the idea of buying this book for months. One, Two, Three...Infinity: Facts and Speculations of ScienceThe book is/was important to me.

At around the age of 12 – 17, I used to spend many hours after school reading and trying to understand what was in this book. I found it intriguing. It gave an insight into how the Universe around us is constructed. It spurred my interests in physics and mathematics, which I keep very much alive to this day. As I got into O’Level and A’Level physics and math, this book served as an inspiration in the background.

The book is arriving tomorrow – and I’ve not seen it for over 30-odd years. In fact the cover is not the same as the original from the 1960’s – and I’m not inclined to spend £7 more for the original. Actually I’m curious to see what’s the same – of what I remember – and what I think has changed.

[Some are scared to click on the image of the book. Yuh know, the whole universe may collapse – or if not, their email and bank accounts will be hacked and their whole lives destroyed in the blink of an eye – I mean click of a mouse. Such is the level of fear we live in – in this modern world.. yeah I know, preach to me – ‘You gotta be careful… blah.. blah blah.’ Paranoia rules!! I say again we’re timid confused animals.]

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