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Erasure–it’s likely to happen to you

I’ve been shouting and screaming about the need to backup all important electronic data, for quite some time.  See what happened when Mat Honan, “a senior reporter for Gizmodo, got hacked [and]…lost most of his digital property (photos, emails, documents and so on), and most of his ways of communicating with the outside world. Not just email and twitter, but phone calls, and text messages.

But I know human nature very well. So I don’t expect you, being like 90-sumik percent of all people I know who do not back their stuff, to be arsed! The humans are driven by their optimistic unconscious – which says ‘It’ll be all right.. it’ll probably never happen to me..’ In fact the humans like to pay for their discomforts

The following are helpful suggestions to you:

  1. Don’t think about backing up anything, cuz you don’t like being told what to do especially by IT geeks.
  2. But If you decide to think about it, sleep on it – for a few weeks or months.
  3. Get distracted by 10,000 things. After all, ‘Life’s too short!’ – innit!?
  4. If your computer or accounts get hacked, tell yourself ‘it’s bad luck’, it would have happened anyway – some day.
  5. Tell your friends about it, cuz they’ll be all very sympathetic to you – they’ll blame your computer or some hacker out there, and so will you.
  6. Know you’re a carefree, happy-go-lucky individual. Nothing gets you down.
  7. Determine to think positive.
  8. Get drunk, or smoke some dope.
  9. Look at yourself in the mirror – and think, ‘I didn’t have the money anyway to do anything about it! Life’s cruel to some folk. In any case I don’t need to be an IT geek!’.
  10. Decide to kick a door – and then do it!! Or better yet nut a wall.
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