When people think they are ‘smart’

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

This is about a kind of mind game where a superficial or simplistic explanation for stupid actions (words/conduct) is proffered in a way that if challenged leads the challenger to appear to be paranoid, obsessed or hostile in the eyes of observers, who won’t know the depths of a situation and therefore fail to see the need for fierce confrontation.  The set up therefore deters confrontation of utter nonsense.

This mind game may be accompanied by ‘concrete’ (i.e. literal) interpretations of words and an overemphasis on the meaning or supposed salience of particular words. In essence this is tantamount to defensive bullshit. The persons who proffer this kind of thing actually think they’re gonna ‘win’ – which means for them covering crap! It doesn’t succeed with me. I’ll confront them, allow them to get ‘concrete’ and then nail their ass (arse if you’re English)! This is so immature a mind-game and so many adults think they can lay it on – it’s just ridiculous.

You want an example? Chrysst!! Don’t be naive or appear to be a simpleton. I’ve defined the mind-game so clearly that you know exactly what it is about. Now bugger off!

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