Not a happy time for me

Save your empathy and expression of concern for my unhappiness. Happiness and by extension unhappiness are not concepts I subscribe to, even if you do and insist that I must know about them – a sort of ‘bullying’ of me to obey concepts I reject.

“What’s the matter now?” – you wondered. What’s disturbed my soul? Well – lots of things disturb by soul.

I refuse to be happy and jolly when people have been treated with “coldness, resentment, indifference” and “even contempt”. Well had I uttered those words about care in certain parts of a UK health service, pure doubt and contempt would have followed me. However, it’s the Health Secretary’s words, and he has the force of authority to say exactly what I would have said. So go have a fight with him if you will.

Read about it here – and it’s not at Mid-Staffordshire or is it – where “Vulnerable and elderly patients were left starving and thirsty, with drinks left out of reach, buzzers ignored and people not being taken to the toilet and instead left to sit in their own faeces by the very people meant to be caring for them.” And this is where you come to rationalise the situation, that ‘it’s not that bad in all hospitals’. Sure, I know the usual ‘degeneralisations’. [Yes – I know some of you are distracted to wonder if I’m a ‘Daily Mail’ reader. So in advance, I let you know that I’m not. I read several different newspapers online].

Well, well – a paltry £410,000 was the settlement made to cover the upset to 38 families. Errrh.. that’s a mere average of £11,000 per family. But in reality you can expect a few to receive much more and much less than that average.

No – I refuse to be happy at this time of the year. And no – I need no consoling. Save your energy expenditure in appearing to be concerned about my state of mind. Do something for this great Nation. Instead, put your pen to paper and write to your MP.

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