Shameless Britain

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

Yawwwnnnnn!!! It’s the first day of the year. I was up late last night sipping champagne and chilling at home. This morning, I decided to go a bit surfing on the net. Yeah, for sure I checked out Rock newspapers, and then drifted on to so-called ‘British news’. One of the best papers to get an overview of Britain is The Daily Mail.

Well, see the ‘shame’ below. Actually a sizeable proportion of Brits believe that this sort of behaviour is what defines freedom. Rock-huggers are expected to think, “Ent yuh like it over dey – stop complaining.” Yawwwwn! So simplistic – aren’t they? And for simplistic Brits, I’m not a Daily Mail reader – but when want to check out what plebs are up to, I look there first. Look, I’m not interested in if you think The Sun is better.

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