Friend or fool!

This is not a joke or paradoxically intended to be jokey.

This is a summary of reasons why I suffer and sack fools who distribute my private email address. I thought I’d put this together so that I can hyperlink it to those who are let into my inner circle – who may at some stage be sacked for qualifying as fools. I like to be explicit. So when so-called friends meet the criteria for ‘fools’, they can’t say “You never said!” (or some crap like that).

A. Distribution of my private email address in any of the following situations, will qualify my so-called friends as fools:

  1. Distribution without tangible evidence of my consent.
  2. Invasion of computer by a virus which then distributes my email address – when such computer (even if it wasn’t yours) at the material time did not have an adequately updated robust virus shield.
  3. My coming to suspect the above – following the usual bunch of proffered rehearsed reasons to the above effect.
  4. Human error/incompetence/stupidity leading to the relevant breach e.g.
    1. Placing my email address along with several other email addresses in the ‘To’ or ‘cc’ fields.
    2. Claims of IT illiteracy
    3. Forgetfulness
    4. Inadvertence
    5. Rushing to an airport or rushing in general.
    6. Error caused by some other person using your email address.

B. Whinging assertions that I make you nervous by the above criteria, gets you half-way to being a categorised as a fool by me. You might as well delete me from your contact list now.

C. Following a breach in Set ‘A’ above, asserting that I have OCD and you don’t. I require all my so-called friends to have a sufficient degree of OCD – at least specific to my privacy – so that as against set ‘A’ above, they DO NOT distribute my email address.

D. Treating the above, even obliquely as some sort of joke or light-heartedly gets you labelled in my black book as ‘high risk’ – resulting in scaled down contact, with a timeline for removal as I see fit.

I have abided fully with all in set A above for all my so-called friends over the last 15 years (at least). If I can, others can. And those others that are incapable, stay away.

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