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Thought for tomorrow

“Survival is not an option. Suicide is.”

– Captain Walker (Jan 2013).

p.s. I’m amused in advance that readers of the above will be ‘concerned’ for my state of being/mind. Yes – I know you can’t blame them, and people need to show that they care etc etc. Jeez. You can’t mention suicide without being suspect of thinking about it – which is true actually. Like try not thinking about a ‘Pink Elephant’. Well I’ve thought of it not for my personal intention – Chrysst!! It’s the best time to be alive!! I’ve been thinking about it from a Durkheimian perspective, when I was exploring the possibility, yesterday, of the human race extinguishing itself. [Dare I say Google is your friend – and I require no questions or enquiries  even via third parties – and if anyone comes with questions even obliquely, on this now – such as my state of mind – they will be blocked for a minimum of 4 weeks without further enquiry. Make my day!! Try me out.]

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