Disappointed with Galaxy S4

by Captain Walker

Categories: CW

13_03_14-Galaxy_S4In recent weeks the hype about Samsung Galaxy S4 has grown to maddening proportions. There were leaks about the phone in China and other parts of the world.

It was reported that HTC were so worried that they gate crashed the launch of the S4 to promote their own stuff. 

Well the fever continues as Samsung has announced the official launch at end of April 2014.

galaxys3-s4The S4 has a load of great new features. See: Gizmodo Hands-on

But (see left) note how closely this phone resembles the S3. In effect it is a boosted S3 with a slightly larger screen but the same size in the hand.

I’m asking myself ‘Am I really gonna use eye-scrolling and gesture navigation etc?’ – I don’t think so.

Hey – but it’s not about me. I’m sure there are folk who will rush out and buy this thing, just because they wanna impress. And that’s fine for them.

Me? Well I ain’t buying. I predict – and I’m usually right – that in under a year Samsung will produce an 8-core handheld probably in the Note range, that will be running Android 5.0. That is where the real action will be starting. Those who buy now the S4 will be stuck.

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