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What moves the humans

The humans (in large majorities) like to think that they are intelligent, can think for themselves, know what’s best for them individually, can analyse situations and make the best decisions. They are unlikely to admit widely – outside of close circles of trusted friends – that they are rather incompetent or deficient at lots of things.

So – in general the humans hold this fantasy that they can figure out what’s wrong, what’s needed – that they can analyse it and get on with it. Well I’m not going to list tons of evidence to prove how wrong the humans are. You see, the humans also have a particular faculty that enables them to limit their intake of evidence. Actually a good proportion of them reject evidence before even considering it. It’s a thing called ‘ignorance’.

So – I’ve been thinking how do you get these people to change themselves or to do something differently. Why would I be wondering about all that? It’s a long – very long – story. I’ll spare you today. But one thing triggered all this. I’m was watching some programme on TV about teaching obese people how to manage their calorie intake. It’s a familiar story on TV these days i.e. some documentary films people, they get in a few experts to say what’s good and what’s not, and the whole thing is dramatised.

Most of the obese people on this film are going something like, “Ooooh… really!?.. That’s disgusting” – when they find out how much they were packing away. What’s my point? These people come on to these films knowing that they have a severe weight problem. Do they really not know that they stuff their faces too much? I don’t think so. I think they very well know what they’re doing – even if they don’t know how many calories are in a packet of crisps, or a single hot dog.

If you thought this was a blog about fat people or obesity or dieting – you’re lacking in concentration. But I know what you’ll do next: blame me for distracting onto fat people and diets.

What are the main things that have caused a change for some of these fat people in these films? I’ll bring together my opinions:

  1. Being part of a big picture focuses the mind.
  2. Being part of a group brings a greater level of self-awareness.
  3. The impact of authority and power brought to weigh in these films, is overall ‘convincing’.
  4. Pain and discomfort

I could go on with about 20 more but I’ll stop there. The humans need to be led, shown the way, told what to do, and to suffer – and that’s not just about dieting or weight loss.

Why am I writing this anyway? You may think it’s because I wish to change you or some who read this. It isn’t. Here’s the news: ‘You don’t have to change!’ I’ve given up trying to change the human race. I write it for me. I want only to record my observations and then at some later stage reflect on them.

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